We teach young drivers how to become defensive drivers. (15 to18)
We teach adults students how to become defensive drivers (19 to 99)
We offer driving evaluations for (senior citizens)

We help drivers that are afraid of the road to develop all
necessary skills and to feel confident again.

A Learn to drive specialized in the adult community, we understand your needs and we will take you through all the steps from start to finish, understanding that you have never been behind the wheel. We will build
your confidence as well your desire to learn the proper way of driving. 

Our driving lessons focus on developing good driving habits, interacting with others vehicles, intersections, curves highway driving, parking maneuvers ,backing up the car straight, quick stop, parking on a hill
with or without  a curb or downhill with or no curb and three point turn. (These are the skills that you need to know for your road test)

Again I will not take anyone to the road test if the student is not ready. We also teach parallel parking, backing up between cars and a lot more. 

A Learn to drive has the most affordable price in the area; we will beat all competitors’ prices. Call us today to find out the packages available and fees. We will allow you to pay as you go, lesson by lesson for your convenience.




Driving lessons: